Q1: What is cryptorader?

A: cryptorader is a user-friendly site that contains almost all kinds of information related
to Cryptocurrency.
There is not much information about this new digital currency, folks are
curious to know about the authentic information about this.
So, we are here to serve those
cryptocurrency lovers by guiding them on how to enter into this field and how to make a wise
decision of investment. When and how to sell and buy the crypto to gain more profit.

Q2:How It works?

A: We make sure to gather all the important stuff about crypto from all over the world to
entertain our readers who landed on our website with confidence to gain beneficial
information. You just go through all the information on the website before making an
investment decision so that it becomes fruitful for you.

Q3:How many cryptocurrencies are there?

A: There are numerous cryptocurrencies out there but some are most famous as
● Bitcoin (FAQ $19,380.02 ) (BTC)
● Ethereum (FAQ $1,317.48 ) (ETH)
● Solana(SOL)
● Binance coin ( BNB (FAQ $286.95 ) )
● Dogecoin (FAQ $0.060 ) (DOGE)
● Tether(USDT)
● USD coin(USDC)
Our main focus is on Bitcoin (FAQ $19,380.02 ) and Ethereum (FAQ $1,317.48 ) news but we will keep you updated about other
market news too.

Q4:What is Bitcoin (FAQ $19,380.02 ) (BTC)?

A: Bitcoin (FAQ $19,380.02 ) is a digital currency that uses peer-to-peer technology to transfer currency
independently between users without a need of a central bank or some other kind of

Q5:What is Ethereum (FAQ $1,317.48 ) ?

A: Ethereum (FAQ $1,317.48 ) is another important and famous form of digital currency. It also works without a
centralized system (Without the support of any government). Its individual unit is called
“ether.” It also allows users to keep transactions anonymous.

Q6:Why Cryptocurrencies are famous?

A: There are several reasons why cryptocurrencies are famous like
● Currency is digital
● They work independently without a decentralized system
● They do not need the support of a bank or any other intermediary
● Users can keep their identities anonymous

Q7:How to buy/sell crypto?

A: We make the crypto buying and selling process so easy just visit our website
cryptorader click on the buy/sell crypto choose which crypto you want to deal in from the
drop-down menu and complete the process by fulfilling all necessary details.

Q8:What is a wallet app?

A: A wallet app is necessary to transfer cryptocurrency to your account. Download the wallet
app according to the coins you want to buy/sell. Create your personal account it will assign
you a specific address that you can use to transfer crypto. Choose your private key wisely to
make your account secure and never share it with anyone for security reasons.

Q9:How do buy coins after having a wallet address?

● A: Go to our website click which coin you want to buy press the exchange button
while checking the amount carefully as you could not reverse the process.